【Good Bye to Mana Hardcore】★日本語のお知らせは、英語のあとに御座います★

Hi, everyone. How are you? Today, I have something to announce. I’m going to play at Christmas live event on December 22nd, 2016, and this date will be the last for Mana Hardcore. Afterwards, will be the birth of Manami Nix(If you are interested in my new adventure, please visit Manami Nix official facebook page, twitter, instagram).

Thank you so much who have been supporting Mana Hardcore all the way. I’ll never forget all the memories we made together.

If you are interested, please come see me sing at the event below. I’d love for you to be there to sing along “Text Message & Captain Morgan” with me.

【Christmas Live】

❤Date❤ December 22nd(Thursday).2016

❤Venue❤ Encore Shibuya

❤Entrance fee❤ 1,000yen (including 1 drink)

❤Open❤ PM7:15

❤Start❤ PM7:30

❤Closing time❤ PM9:30

❤Performers❤ Japanese singers who have dreams will be singing 2 songs each including a Christmas song with Karaoke tracks.

PS/This website will be closed around March.2017.Thank you so much again for supporting all the way.


【Good Bye to Mana Hardcore – 今後の活動についてのお知らせが御座います – 】



【Christmas Live】

❤日程❤ 2016年12月22日(木)

❤会場❤ Encore Shibuya

❤入場料❤ 1,000円(1ドリンク付き)

❤開場❤ PM7:15

❤開演❤ PM7:30

❤終了予定❤ PM9:30

❤出演❤ 夢に向かってがんばっているシンガー達が、それぞれクリスマスソングを含め2曲ずつ歌を披露致します。